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This Christmas has been a real eye opener for my future. I’ve decided that i want all of my Christmases to look like this. I want to live in the moment, forget about material desires and just bask in the sunshine, listen to the waves and surround myself with beautiful people.

The biggest gift for me this year was to see the sunrise, the glowing plankton sparkle and the dolphins playing in the waves, we are so much more connected with this way of life.


Hare Krisna

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Mount Warning. Last weekend 24 of us decided to climb Mt Warning (the first place in Australia to see the sun rise) The Mount is also a very spiritual place, sacred to the Aboriginals. You could definitely feel the spiritual energy with all the beautiful nature around.

Starting the night before we managed to catch the sunset and pitch our tents ready for a sleepless night in the freezing cold. The fire stopped our blood from freezing over for a short while and we kept the love flowing with some music and singing. The mountain was so high in the clouds, we could see both the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. The views were absolutely beautiful.

So after a night of teeth chattering i started to hear voices at around 4am. More people were arriving for the sunrise. We all started to get up and move around.

Once everyone was awake we all huddled up together and watched as the sun slowly made its way up from the sea and through the clouds, it brought tears to my eyes. Never did i see something so magical.

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Anonymous asked: I want to do Bunac but I'm scared :S. I'm shy and find it hard making friends, so would be worried if I end up being lonely and so far away from family :(

Hey sorry I’m so sure I answered your message ages ago! But you have to go for it! There are so many people traveling alone and everyone is looking to meet people, you’ll have no problems. we’re all in the same boat :-)