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Family. . What a blessing. Graduations, babies and birthdays. I don’t usually like to post such personal images on my blog. But this last month has been a significant time for me. Its been a beautiful four weeks filled with love, smiles and laughter. We’ve caught up on the last two and a half years spent apart and it has been blissful.

I’m so thankful i finally took my extended flight back home. Its funny how absence brings people together.

Oh how we take for granted the people around us. Everyday should be like the first.

All the love in the world for these beautiful people I have been blessed to have in my life <3

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WWOOFers in London town!

We decided to freestyle about the city and it worked out to be an awesome day. Green parks, British Museum, tasty prasadam, soho square, I visited the hare krisna temple in soho where i played mridanga in kirtan <3 The deities were beautiful! Then to top it off we hung out with a poet and a opera singer ;-) Great memories x

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The Bhaktivedanta Manor is where I spent my first week back in the UK. The first few days were tough as I was seriously jet lagged however this did not distract me from the beauty of the place <3 I had such an amazing time here and met some great people.

I’m so thankful to have found the Hare Krisna community in Melbourne last year as it has opened my soul to all of these amazing new experiences and amplified my view on the world.

I move forward with a full heart! Yes my mind plays the card of doubt and anxiety sometimes but a wise person once said “controlling the mind is like trying to control the wind” and when I look back at my life so far through all the pain and pleasure, I see how perfectly everything has worked out to get me to where I am right now.

Every day, every minute, every second we make a choice. Start the day with gratitude! Don’t wait for something to make you happy, only you can make you happy! See the good in every living thing.

As The Beatles said “Life goes on within you and without you” so love lovE LOVE. Elevate yourself to the next level ;-)

Hare Krisna <3

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Kia Ora!!!

So I decided to finally take that extended flight back home… You know the one that I booked when I left England 2 and a half years ago but kept extending and extending aaaaaaaand extending.

I waved goodbye to my beautiful Melbourne family and headed to New Zealand <3 <3 <3 My first year of blissful traveling was spent in this amazing country and it was so SO nice to be back!

The Flight over there was spent with two hilarious Italians that i will never forget, we got a taxi into Auckland central where I found my hostel along with some lovely roommates.

The next day was spent enjoying the fresh New Zealand air in the hot sun with my new friend Tony. He helped me find a free storage space for my backpack, which was amazing because it weighed 23k … That’s right folks I wasn’t traveling light.

Then we ate some delicious food, walked around queens st and chilled out in the harbor near the lifting bridge.

All in all it was a typical beautiful NZ day that brought back so many memories and created some fresh bubbly ones ^_^ I will return to the long white cloud <3

Next Stop Ye Old England :-D

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Hare Krisna! My first experience in Holi fest. An incredible display of colour to represent peoples love for life <3 It was a festival for a higher cause, to awaken our spirit souls with bliss! which put the energy to a whole new level <3 Amazing experience i will never forget. Traveling the world really does broaden the mind.

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