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Philosophers path Kyoto The gardens in Kyoto are just breath taking. So carefully designed and well managed. You feel like your in a fairy land of tranquil zen.

random-momochan asked: Hello. I came across your tumblr when I did a search for Bunac topics. Anyways...I'm thinking of doing the Bunac Work New Zealand program and I saw that you actually participated in it. I hope you don't mind if I ask how your experience was and what it was like moving to NZ? Thanks.

Ahoy! You should absolutely do it. It was the best decision I ever made. They group all single travellers together so its not as daunting as going alone. I guess it helps the less confident to make that first step in starting your adventure :-) 

The move to NZ was a very easy process. The people are so nice. I joined the WWOOFing (willing workers on organic farms) programme, which allowed me to see so much more than the typical tourist spots. And you meet the most beautiful people. 

Let me know if you have any more questions and have fun planning your adventure :-) 

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Kiyomizu-dera Temple - Kyoto. 

One of the many beautiful Temples we visited in Kyoto. A very popular tourist attraction and for good reason. We were surprised on arrival to find a traditional shopping village that stretched as far as the eye could see. Fans, kimonos, ceramics, shaved ice, cucumber on a stick . . You name it, they had it.

What was most beautiful about this village was the traditional lane ways and buildings, it felt like we were walking in a dreamland. As we reached the end of the stretch we stumbled upon a second hidden temple which had a giant statue of a unknown warrior. A warrior of peace. It was Abi who first noticed the statue in the distance so we went to have a look, and I’m so happy we did. This was a place of pure peace in the middle of chaos. 

So tranquil. We offered incense to the warrior and explored the temple grounds. 

After this we made our way to the main attraction, Kiyomizu-dera! 

It was an extremely large temple with lots of mini temples dedicated to different things such as love and courage. Very beautiful.

We also got an amazing view of Kyoto with rays of light shining through the clouds. This Temple has a special place in my heart <3 

Descending Mt Fuji was definitely harder than climbing it. But this time the sky was clear and the sun was blazing. It was perfect! All the colours of the volcanic earth next to a back drop of blue sky and green hills. We couldn’t have asked for more!

After 5 hours we arrived at level ground once more with total love and complete gratitude for whatever energy helped us climb Fuji San and experience her glory. We then took a bus and got off at where ever seemed most beautiful and pitched the tents. 

One thing we were craving was a shower but we settled for the lake instead. I welcomed the cool water with open arms! 

In the evening we played with fire, music and camera exposures ;-) 

Next stop… KYOTO! 

Mt Fuji Here are just a few select images of our epic 8 hour climb to the peak of beautiful Fuji San. We arrived at the 5th station at 8:30am. From there it took 6 hours to reach the 8th station, where we slept before rising at 2am to reach the summit before sunrise. The journey very much felt like a pilgrimage. We came across so many amazing people. Elderly Japanese men and women, families, solo climbers, there was one particular group of people that had a massive effect on our climb. 

Not far ahead of us were a group of men dressed in robes carrying conch shells which they blew on each time they stopped for a break. As they climbed in single file, they chanted. 

It was beautiful amongst the clouds and fog to hear their song, their mantra, even though we had no understanding of the words, we felt their energy pulsate through us and it pushed us forward to the peak. 

You wouldn’t believe that at 2:30am we were waiting in line to get to the top! This made the last few hours of the climb so surreal and magical. 

Slowly we all took steps forward. The climb was getting steeper and the air was ice cold, but there was no pain or discomfort. . Just a feeling of oneness.Everyone was in it together and we were all eagerly reaching the same goal. 

Finally we made it!!! People were celebrating, capturing the moment, embracing each other in the freezing cold. Then it was time.

Silence fell all around us as the sun began to spread a cover of glowing warmth. I’ve never been more thankful. 

As the sun rose, everything illuminated. Peoples smiles, our hearts and the scenery became clear. 

In front of us was a sea of never ending landscape. 

I am so thankful, for my partner in climb, Ms Lloydy ;-) for all the people we shared the experience with, for the beautiful nature that we are so lucky to be apart of and for the love of God in my heart. 

Tokyo was such an amazing introduction into Japan. Thanks to our friend and her beautiful family we had a true insight into the city. Its such a wonderful mixture of traditional and modern life. We went deep into the city and found the Sensoji Temple, where people burned incense and prayed. The peaceful Meijijigu Shrine was a subway ride away and was surrounded by nature, you would not realise you were in a city. Although it was hard to find vegetarian food, we managed to eat some delicious meals such as okonomiyaki (pancakes) at a awesome Sakuratei restaurant. And delicious sushi. . of course! 

As well as exploring the bright lights and crazy packed streets, we made time to visit the famous Studio Ghibli museum, which was just brilliant! We weren’t allowed to take pictures there so most of the magic is stored in the memory bank ;-) which i feel makes it extra special. 

So this is just the first instalment of my trip in Japan. As there were just too many beautiful pictures. It was impossible to limit myself to 10 for the whole trip. 

Family. . What a blessing. Graduations, babies and birthdays. I don’t usually like to post such personal images on my blog. But this last month has been a significant time for me. Its been a beautiful four weeks filled with love, smiles and laughter. We’ve caught up on the last two and a half years spent apart and it has been blissful.

I’m so thankful i finally took my extended flight back home. Its funny how absence brings people together.

Oh how we take for granted the people around us. Everyday should be like the first.

All the love in the world for these beautiful people I have been blessed to have in my life <3

I LOVE Bristol <3 I stopped here to see friends before my visit home. I reckon i could easily live in Bristol. . Plan for the future? Who knows ^_^

WWOOFers in London town!

We decided to freestyle about the city and it worked out to be an awesome day. Green parks, British Museum, tasty prasadam, soho square, I visited the hare krisna temple in soho where i played mridanga in kirtan <3 The deities were beautiful! Then to top it off we hung out with a poet and a opera singer ;-) Great memories x

The Bhaktivedanta Manor is where I spent my first week back in the UK. The first few days were tough as I was seriously jet lagged however this did not distract me from the beauty of the place <3 I had such an amazing time here and met some great people.

I’m so thankful to have found the Hare Krisna community in Melbourne last year as it has opened my soul to all of these amazing new experiences and amplified my view on the world.

I move forward with a full heart! Yes my mind plays the card of doubt and anxiety sometimes but a wise person once said “controlling the mind is like trying to control the wind” and when I look back at my life so far through all the pain and pleasure, I see how perfectly everything has worked out to get me to where I am right now.

Every day, every minute, every second we make a choice. Start the day with gratitude! Don’t wait for something to make you happy, only you can make you happy! See the good in every living thing.

As The Beatles said “Life goes on within you and without you” so love lovE LOVE. Elevate yourself to the next level ;-)

Hare Krisna <3

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